Bringing the tea to you
Cake Lady Lou can bring a beautiful Vintage Afternoon Tea directly to you in your home, your garden, your office or your venue. All you need to provide are the table or tables, and chairs for your guests. It would be really helpful if these were set out in place please.
Cake Lady Lou will provide table linen, napkins,cutlery, china cups, saucers, plates, milk jugs, sugar bowls, tea & coffee pots along with cake stands & serving plates to display all the scrumptious goodies.
Setting the table
Cake Lady Lou will arrive at your home or venue up to an hour before your guests are expected to arrive to set the table(s) & arrange your cakes and sandwiches ready for serving. Cakes and sandwiches will be made in advance & transported in boxes, cool bags as appropriate. If any fragile or perishable items such as meringues or fresh cream are to be used, Cake Lady Lou will prepare / assemble these just prior to serving in your setting.
What Cake Lady Lou will need
Cake lady Lou will require access to an electricity point & if possible (especially in warm weather) a fridge. However a fridge is not essential. Ideally, access to a kitchen or food preparation area would be great.
Served to you by Cake Lady Lou
Cake Lady Lou will stay to serve your cakes & sandwiches & keep you topped up with tea & coffee. She will then clear up & pack everything away.
Or host to serve
However, if you would prefer Cake Lady Lou can set everything up ready for your party & leave you to make & serve the tea & coffee. She would arrange to collect the china, crockery etc within 48 hours or as arranged with you.
What if you have some cakes left over
Any cakes left over are for you to keep. Cake Lady Lou can box these up & advise how to store them & advise how long their shelf-life is.
All cakes will need to be stored, covered in a cool area. Items with fresh cream, cream cheese frosting or any savoury ingredients e.g. mini cheese tartlets will need to be stored in a fridge.
Most items will keep for 2-3 days, some a little longer but items with fresh cream will need to be eaten sooner. Also, scones really are at their best on the day they are baked. If you have any scones left that have not had any butter or jam & cream on them, they are lovely served warm by being sliced & simply toasted under the grill the following day.
Please feel free to contact Cake Lady Lou with any queries, questions or requests.